Areej Huniti is an artist and researcher based in Amman, Jordan. Her interest lies in exploring the interrelation between individuals and technologies within cultural, societal and political context. Her current work explores the magic and seduction of reality. By weaving real elements with fiction she wishes to complexify reality, collapse geographies while imagining different future possibilities.

Since 2019 Areej been working in the artist duo HUNITI GOLDOX with Eliza Goldox. In their joint practice they use new media technologies as VR, video art and writing to develop spaces and tools for collective imagining. The work is shaped by an engagement with speculative futures and fictions. This stems from the desire to understand and unpack the depths to which human emotions and realities are embedded in social and ecological systems.

Their thematic focus is water and mythology and the engagement with other natural elements, as a way to tell stories over liquid, dry and non-material matter. When attending to the matter of water they think of how we can experience ourselves less as isolated entities and more as fluid bodies that dissolve in complex circulation.

Areej received an MA in Global Digital Cultures from SOAS University of London. During her studies she was researching the impact of immersive virtual experiences on the body. She also looked beyond the surface and the social constructs of the body and attempted to challeng the assumptions that suggest that digital technologies are purely instrumental. She examined how artists utilise technology to challenge the colonisation of the body’s interior by the medical gaze.

Instagram: areejhuniti